Lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine

"My main priorities are how I will use light, color, strong shapes and, sometimes, humor to help show the beauty of my subjects." 

Over 3,500 watercolor paintings by Asheville artist Lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine have found  places in homes, corporate offices and public spaces up and down the East Coast. Many of these works are signature urban landmarks.

 "My watercolors represent the beauty and identity of our East Coast communities, as exemplified in my Urban Trail series and Grove Arcade series."

Watercolor is Lisa's primary medium for depicting urban life. For her reproductions, Lisa has chosen giclee printing because it is the finest quality available that can be offered in a numbered edition. 

Lisa has worked extensively with designers to produce original art for corporate offices from Florida to Connecticut. Typically, local scenes were chosen for public spaces, which help clients to relate, identify and build sense of community. This required researching each community. Chosen areas were then photographed. Drawings were completed and finished watercolors were produced which ranged in size from 24 X 30 up to 6 feet. Occasionally, large multimedia pieces were also custom-made.

"I continue to create and sell art to the private sector. This includes works in a variety of mediums, such as pastel, acrylic collage and multimedia pieces." 

In Asheville, the art of Lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine can be found at
 these galleries: 

Art and Heritage Gallery
 Blackbird Frame and Art
 Merrimon Galleries
The Frugal Framer

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